Direct Aviated Response System



Direct Aviated Response System™ (DAR™) allows drones, aviated vehicles and aircraft to fly safely together.


Direct Aviated Response System™

The only proactive system to command and control drones and aviated vehicles, keeping them out of aircraft flight paths.


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ClearSpace Aero (CSA) is a revolutionary Aviated Vehicle Command and Control Technology Company.

CSA technologies will enter the market as an Aviated Vehicle Traffic Management System and a Command and Control Security System with Artificial Intelligence deep learning control programming.

How Does It Work?

CSA’s patent-pending core technologies have the ability to control the Direct Aviated Response™ (DAR™) on Aviated Vehicles, Drones, and Aviated Devices.

There are four unique, intricate parts to DAR™:

1. DAR™ takes control of a drone by communicating via several methodologies that handle signature values that the AI has given it to enable communication. The communications are instructions that are given depending upon whether the drones are authorized or unauthorized. Three simple Instructions are given: “STOP” “MOVE” and “Land In a Safe Zone.” Here the instructions in detail:

  • a. The AI contacts the unauthorized drone that has no permission to fly in the secure ClearSpace Skyway.
  • b. The unauthorized drone is instructed to STOP its flight.
  • c. The unauthorized drone is then instructed to MOVE away from incoming aircraft or away from other objects or people to prevent collisions.
  • d. The final instruction is for the unauthorized drone to land in a control mannerism assigned by the AI after it has determined Aviated Object’s GPS location and if it’s in or near a safe zone.
  • i. The AI will initiate the Safe Zone Landing instruction only if there is no authorized Law Enforcement, First Responder, City operator to handshake with the communication.
  • ii. If there is a communication handshake with Law Enforcement, First Responder, or City operator then the AI’s Relay Control Cryptic Signature, the feature which gives Command Control of the Aviated Object and the authorized operator, will safely land the unauthorized drone in a Safe Zone.

2. DAR™ creates ClearSpace Skyways to control the traffic and manage the authorized Aviated Vehicles, Drones, and Aviated Devices. DAR’s AI creates virtual flying vectors that are programmed and communicated to every aviated object within the Smart City.

3. DAR™ goes beyond geofencing, a method that has many shortcomings. DAR™ will create a Virtual Cage that only authorizes certain Aviated Objects to fly near, over, or into restricted spaces like casinos, resorts, international borders, military bases, prisons, large boats and ships including yachts, freighters, military ships, and cruise ships.

4. DAR™ can Control Cyber Drones or Cyber Aviated Vehicles that disguise their authorization to commit cyber-attacks to compromise or steal data and financial information. DAR™ identifies, tracks, mitigates and command-and-controls attackers. This feature is intended to be customized for use by law enforcement entities including FBI, Secret Service, private security groups, detective units, and regular law enforcement.

DAR™ has additional components and features for Antiterrorist Units and Homeland Security.

The DAR™ System Creates Four Types of ClearSpace Solutions:

Aviated Vehicle & Drone Traffic Management System™

Aviated Vehicle & Drone Traffic Management System™

Drone Command & Control Security System™

Drone Command & Control Security System™

FinTech Drone CyberSecurity™

FinTech Drone CyberSecurity™

DCCS Military Solutions

DCCS Military Solutions