Near miss between drone and passenger jet at McCarran Airport, February 5, 2018
Video shot by a drone operator illegally flying his drone dangerously close to a Frontier passenger jet by McCarran Airport in Las Vegas, Nevada. It is against federal law to fly a drone within five miles of any airport. The FAA is investigating the incident.
News Story Credit: UAS Vision. Drone/Aircraft Video Credit Luke Fitch. Drone/Apple Building Video Credit: Matthew Roberts

In November of 2015 we mentioned the incident over the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, when a man was stopped by security for flying his drone over the crowd, which was observed by a police helicopter flying overhead. That was just plain luck. There have been several incidents since then of drones crashing into power lines, buildings and people and most recently, a drone flying directly over McCarran Airport and just missing a Frontier passenger jet. Without a comprehensive drone traffic management system, drones will remain a news item for the wrong reasons.

February 18, 2018 – A drone crashes into Apple Park.

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